Solar Heating & Cooling

The SolaMate system is an exciting new & simple technology designed to efficiently harvest solar energy to heat your home in winter & cool your home in summer. The clever panel design requires no moving parts and is made from robust materials commonly used in building construction.

SolaMate is the winner of the HIA GreenSmart Product of the Year (2009) & Winner of the New Inventors.

How it Works – Winter Solar Heating

Solar radiation penetrates the top surface of the SolaMate panel where it is trapped by a triple-glazed layer and absorbed uniformly across the panel. As the air passes through the panel, the collected heat is transferred to the air stream, generating a flow of warm fresh air.

Even on cloudy and rainy days with intermittent sunshine, SolaMate responds quickly to periods of sun and thin cloud to generate warmth for your home.

The SolaMate panel is designed to integrate seamlessly with the HRV ventilation system. The heated air is fanned through a medical grade filter and ducted throughout your house.

SolaMate’s set-and-forget thermostat controller ensures the maximum amount of solar energy is utilized without ever overheating.

How it Works – Summer Solar Cooling

On hot summer nights, SolaMate brings fresh cool air into your house as soon as the sun goes down.

Houses can be slow to recover from the heat absorbed during the day, meaning that outside temperatures are often 5-10 degrees cooler than inside.

SolaMate quickly replaces the hot indoor air with fresh cool ambient air without the need to open windows, and continuously delivers this cool fresh air into your house throughout the night.

Not only will you sleep better at night, but the air conditioning load will be significantly reduced the next day.

SolaMate’s set-and-forget thermostat controller automatically detects when cooler outside air becomes available and switches off again when the morning sun kicks in.

Space heating and cooling represents the most significant proportion of a home’s energy needs.

SolaMate warms your home with fresh filtered air on cold winter days. The low emissions system harnesses the sun’s energy to cut your heating bills dramatically and create year-round comfort for your family.

On hot summer nights, SolaMate injects cool outside air into your home for easier sleeping and less load on your air conditioner.

In addition, the regular flow of fresh filtered air improves indoor air quality and creates a healthy home for your family by reducing dust, pollutants and allergens.

Coldflow can supply & install a SolaMate system for you or you can, if you have the necessary skills, simply install it yourself. Either way you’ll enjoy reduced energy bills and improved comfort for you & your family.

Case Studies

figure 1
figure 2
figure 3

Cold Sunny Day – August (Figure 1)On a typical cold but sunny day in Victoria, the maximum outside temperature reached just 14 ºC, however SolaMate was able to deliver warm air from sunrise to sunset, peaking as high as 33 ºC. The occupants were warm during the day and their home retained the heat well into the evening. The heat delivered by SolaMate to this house was the equivalent of running a large electric heater on full power for 9 hours, peaking at more than 3 kW and delivering over 20 kWh for the day. Cloudy and Rainy Day – September (Figure 2)On this rainy day, SolaMate responded instantly to the intermittent periods of sunshine. Even when cloud layers were present, Ultra Violet and near Infra Red rays penetrated through and were absorbed by the panel. This solar radiation was harnessed rapidly and warm air was delivered to the house. Summer Night Cooling (Figure 3)During this summer heat wave SolaMate brought cooler outside air into the house as soon as the sun went down and continued to do so all night. In this case the outside air was 5 ºC cooler than the inside temperature and with little or no breeze SolaMate was still able to circulate this air throughout the house.

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