Solar Hot Water Melbourne

Types of Solar Hot Water

There are two categories to define solar hot water: placement of the heater and the source of power boost.

Placement: Roof Mounted System

Also referred to as a thermosiphon system, it places both the solar panels and heating tank on the roof of the house. This method eliminates the need for a circulation pump as natural heat from the thermosiphon effect’ pumps the water around the system and is applicable when ground space is limited.

Placement: Split System

A split system in this case has a heating tank on the ground (next to the house) while the solar panels are on the roof. Due to the heating tank being on the ground level, a small pump is required to circulate the water. This method of installation is suitable for owners who are concerned with the ascetics of their house or has a roof that can’t support a water tank at full capacity.

Boost:Solar with Gas Boost Systems

In areas where natural gas or LPG bottle gas is available the Chromagen gas boosted solar hot water system is an extremely efficient choice.

The solar collector either evacuated tube or flat plate collector, heats the water in the tank. If the water requires some additional heating, the Eternity gas booster heats the water to the required temperature. The
gas booster only heats water when required, therefore saving you money through reduced gas consumption.

Solar with Electric Boost Systems

If no gas supply is available, a Chromagen electric boosted solar hot water system is the ideal choice. Water in the storage tank is heated by the Chromagen solar collector with backup boosting as required by an off-peak element in the bottom of the tank.

Why Solar Hot Water?

Save Money

With the rising prices of electricity, gas and fuel for your car, saving energy has become a real concern for everybody. There are many ways to reduce your energy bills without compromising your lifestyle. Hot water is something we just can’t do without, as there is nothing like a good, hot shower. Hot water, however, requires lots of energy, as much as 15kWh for an average family of four. That can equate to more than half of your household’s energy consumption and, therefore, your energy bill.

Fortunately thermal solar collectors can greatly contribute to the energy required for hot water, cutting usage of traditional energy sources. This means a reduction in an average household’s hot water bills from 60% to 80%, a saving of around $300 to $500 each year. Furthermore, the money spent on your solar collector is actually an investment that will provide long-term returns.

In addition the generous rebates that are available provide further savings on the overall cost of a solar hot water system.

STC’s & Rebates

Water heating via a standard electric hot water system, is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home and are now being phased out. In an effort to reduce Australian greenhouse gas emissions the Australian Federal & Victoria’s State government have introduced a number of generous rebates for consumers. These rebates provide significant financial incentives for purchasing sustainable hot water systems.

In Australia, Chromagen PTY LTD distributes a wide range of energy efficient products such as solar hot water, solar power and hot water heat pumps, so you can reduce your energy consumption, minimise your carbon footprint, and slash your power bills. Whether your applications are residential or commercial, CHROMAGEN is the natural choice for quality efficient water heating and solar power systems. So make the switch to a much brighter future, and live efficiently with CHROMAGEN solar and energy solutions Known world-wide for producing quality solar hot water systems of outstanding performance and exception value, the CHROMAGEN brand is now one of the oldest in the global industry.

In Australia, Chromagen PTY LTD distributes a wide range of energy efficient products such as solar hot water, solar power and hot water heat pumps, so you can reduce your energy consumption, minimise
your carbon footprint, and slash your power bills.

System Sizing

Solar collectors are a supplemental energy source. Solar thermal cannot totally replace traditional energy sources (gas or electricity) as it is not always sunny! A solar thermal system will therefore have a backup boost from electricity or gas to ensure you always have hot water. A correctly sized solar system can save between 50% and 80% off your annual hot water energy bills, depending on your location and water usage patterns.
not all homes are suitable for a solar hot water system, as a roof top exposed to sunlight is required. In these applications we can offer either an Eternity instantaneous Gas Hot water service or a Chromagen Heat Pump Hot water service.

The MEDEA Heat pump produces more heat energy than the power input normally 3:1 times making them highly effic ient. Heat pumps do not require roof top thermal collectors. For this reason Heat pumps are Ideal where roof top solar systems are not suitable. Chromagen MEDEA heat pump is designed to provide a fast easy replacement of an existing electric storage hot water system. By reducing the amount of gas or electricity (or other fossil fuel source) that is used, you are also directly reducing CO2 emissions, which is a major factor in helping to combat global warming.

Chromagen offers a variety of hot water technologies to suit every application, including evacuated tube collectors, flat plate collectors, instantaneous gas and heat pump technology.For more details regarding what solar products are most suitable for your home, call us at 1300 880 688 or click here for a free quote from our highly experienced thermo dynamic sales specialist at Coldflow.



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