Solar Power Melbourne

Solar Power Features
  • Environmentally Clean
  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost Effective Investment
  • Self-Reliant

How Does a Solar Power System Work?

1. During the day, sunlight reaches the photovoltaic cells in the solar panels and converts this solar energy into DC electricity.

2. DC electricity runs through the inverter which transforms this energy into AC electricity – the type of electricity our appliances use.

3. While the sun is up, the generated electricity filters through your home and fuels any appliances in use that require electricity.

4. If there is a surplus of AC electricity (If you can’t consume all the energy your Solar system is producing), any excess can be either exported to the main grid via your meter or directed to an energy storage device. Please see a diagram below of an example of both a Traditional Solar System using the grid and a Hybrid Solar System using an energy storage device.

5. When the sun is not up (early morning or night), electricity is provided either from the main grid or from the now charged energy storage device. While the energy storage device allows you to simply use your own generated electricity charged when there was a surplus, the alternative of exporting and then buying back the electricity from the main grid incurs a net cost in most cases. You will receive an 8 cents feed in tariff for every kWh of electricity you export to the main grid, however, you will have to pay the electricity market rate ( 29 cents currently) for every kWh of electricity you buy back from the main grid. This will result in a net cost of approximately 21 cents per kWh.

Coldflow Solar has been in the business for over 45 years and can provide you with the best design for your home solar solution. So call us today at 1300 880 688 or click here to leave your details and one of our sales engineers will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Solar Power?

Solar power is not only the most sustainable way to power your heaters but also for your entire household (all appliances).

The benefits of choosing COLDFLOW SOLAR for your solar power:

  • Over 45 years home improvement experience
  • Full, start to finish customer tailored solar solutions
  • High quality products from the world’s leading brands
  • Competitive finance repayment plan
  • Extensive knowledge in the latest energy storage solutions
  • Latest hot water technology
  • Certified CEC accredited solar installation team
  • Great customer satisfaction

Traditional Solar System

A traditional solar system converts light into energy and powers the home, but any excess power is sold back into the grid at a fairy cheap price. This means that you are paying for electricity (almost 4x more than what you are selling it for) at night as there is no sun to power the panels (no storage).


Hybrid Solar System (with Energy Storage Device)

A hybrid solar system is much more preferable, as any excess energy produced during the day is stored in an Energy Storage Device (battery unit), and made available for use at night with the option of using power from the grid if needed.


What System is Right for Me?

System size depends on a number of factors.

  • What is the household’s average daily consumption?
  • What percentage of that consumption is used during daylight hours?
  • Will energy storage be used?

You can use the table below to give you a general idea of the size system you and your family may need.


Choosing a solar system can be very confusing, as there are conflicting information and vast differences between system prices; making it very complex to make an informed decision.

For more details regarding solar products, call us at 1300 880 688 or click here for a free quote from our highly experienced thermo dynamic sales specialist at Coldflow.



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