Solar Power

Growing numbers of homeowners want “clean electricity” & protection from future energy price increases. Solar power, or photovoltaics (PV) is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly way to power your home.

A 1.5kW PV system can reduce your electricity bill by up to $600 per year*

Generate Your Own Electricity

Coldflow offers total solar solutions from your initial consultation with one of our renewable energy advisers through to installation and after sales support of your PV electricity system. Superior product performance & unrivalled customer service forms the backbone of our company’s objective. At Coldflow, we constantly endeavor to reduce CO2 emissions whilst drastically cutting your electricity bill.

How a Solar Power System Works

  1. Solar photovoltaic panels produce DC power.
  2. Your inverter converts the solar DC power to AC power, suitable for your household needs. Any excess generation is fed back into the grid.
  3. You first use the electricity produced by your solar system in your home, with any additional power supplied by the electricity grid.
  4. Your meter measures your electricity production and consumption.
  5. Any excess electricity produced over and above what you first use in your home is exported back to the grid.
  6. When your electricity demand exceeds your solar generation, electricity will be imported from the grid.

The only changes you’ll notice are the modern-looking and unobtrusive panels on your roof, a discretely mounted box (your inverter), a new meter – and lower power bills!

Feed in Tariff

If a Grid Connected System produces more electricity than is being consumed then that surplus energy will be fed back into the grid. Your electricity provider will meter and record the amount of electricity you fed back, this will generally be credited to your account & is known as a “feed in tariff (FITs) please check with your local provider as the tariff may change from provider to provider. These savings can really add up. FITs help encourage more Australians to generate their own electricity & currently this rate is approximately 33 cents/kWhr, (see

During the night your household can continue to use electricity supplied from main grid and your electricity provider will meter and record amount of energy you consume. At the end of the billing period your energy provider will calculate amount of energy produced and consumed. If your Solar PV system has produced more energy than you have consumed, then your energy provider will credit your account. Alternatively, even if this situation is reversed you will still be paying far less than you would have paid had you not installed your own PV system.

Solar Rebates or Short Term Technology Certificates (STC’s)

As part of Clean Energy Future, the Australian government are providing generous rebates & this means that you can now acquire your own solar power system and save thousands of dollars. These rebates are known as the Solar Credits Scheme & cover most eligible domestic applications. This scheme allocates specific numbers of what are known as Short Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) & is based on the size of your PV system & the location of the eligible premises on which this system is installed.

As an example a 1.5kW system installed in Melbourne is entitled to 79 STC’s that currently have a value of $27 each (i.e. $2,133.00) whereas a 3kW system generates 103 STC’s that currently has a value $2,781.00.

These STC’s are generally already included in the purchase price of your solar electricity system but for more information please talk to your renewable energy adviser or contact or


We use only the best products to turn your home into a solar PV power house. Because we know not all homes are the same, we have scoured the world to find the best products for your home solar PV set-ups. We make special effort to understand your requirements in detail, which enables us to tailor a solution to meet your needs. We take great care to ensure the quality of the parts that we install as well as the quality of our workmanship, which is why we choose only the ‘Top Quality’ products to form part of our services. We choose leading edge, proven technology products from the world’s leading PV and inverter manufacturers. We integrate these technologies with our own expertise in delivering quality, high efficiency system design, supply and installation of renewable energy systems.

We place high importance on the quality of the products that we endorse and expect that they consistently yield results.

Solar Panels

Solar panel quality directly impacts on the efficiency and longevity of a system. Our philosophy is to always use the highest quality components available. The panels will either come from Japan or China, and will have solar cells made of mono or poly crystalline silicon as well as the incredibly efficient Sanyo HIT panels that can deliver up to 30% more energy that other conventional panels. The exact brand we use will be determined by your energy requirements, available roof space & the level of efficiency you are seeking.

The Inverter

The inverter converts the solar DC power produced by the panels into the AC electrical current needed to power your home and appliances. There are two types of inverters: transformer based or transformer-less. The latter is normally our preferred model as it is generally smaller, lighter and more efficient. We continually review new inverters as they become available to ensure we are always supplying you with the best product available.

The Mounting System

The perfect roof for solar panels is between 20 – 28 degrees pitch, north facing and never covered in shade. Obviously not everyone has the perfect roof, so we use racking systems to ensure your panels are positioned for optimum efficiency. All our mounting systems are designed for Australian conditions and ensure your panels stay safely and securely positioned.

The Solar Power Installation Process

Meet with client

Our trained renewable energy advisers will conduct a load analysis to determine your power consumption. Next, they’ll discuss the type of system you can install based on your roof’s size, orientation and shading. They will then discuss your options & give you a quotation that will suit your needs and meets budget.

Accept quotation

When you have decided on the solar solution that best suits you, we’ll arrange a deposit and finalise the sales contract.

Lodge application forms

We’ll help you fill in all forms and submit them to the relevant authorities to obtain approval for your PV system installation and meter change over. Once approval is obtained installation can begin. This process takes 1-6 weeks depending on your electricity provider.

Change meter

Upon approval, your electricity provider normally arranges to change over your meter after the installation of your solar PV system.

Install system

Installation usually takes 1-2days and is done by Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers. They’ll call to arrange an installation date and time that suits you. If your meter is changed over, your system will be up and running straight away.

Completion of all forms and finalise payment

Finally we’ll help you fill in the forms for the relevant federal and state government rebates but please note that these will have already been included in your quotation from Coldflow Solar.

Enjoy lower electricity bills 

Sit back, relax and enjoy electricity powered by the sun.

Intelligent energy saving tips

Of course the easiest way to reduce your power bill is to reduce your energy consumption. Here are some ways to get you started:

  • Choose the most energy efficient appliances
  • Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, they’re 80% cheaper to run
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room
  • Switch off all your appliances at the socket so they don’t draw standby power
  • Install a solar water heater, preferably with gas boosting
  • Set appliances that consume a lot of electricity, like pool pumps, washing machines and dishwashers, to operate at off-peak tariff times
  • Install motion sensors, timers and home automation systems
  • Keep your home cool in summer by shading west facing windows
  • Insulate your home on hot days by keeping your curtains drawn
  • Wash clothes in cold water and dry them naturally in the sun
  • If you have a second fridge, only turn it on when needed
  • If you are a building a new home, try and incorporate passive solar design

Product Warranty


Solivia            10 year product warranty

SMA               5 year product warranty


LG                  5 year product warranty/ 12year 90% power warranty & 25 year 80% power warranty

Kyocera         5 year product warranty / 25 year 80% power warranty

Sanyo             5 year product warranty / 25 year 80% power warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

See our Solar FAQ.

*based on 25cents/kWhr electricity price, 33 cents/kWhr feed in tariff & 50% feed in rate.