5 typical air conditioning problems

A few of the most typical air conditioning issues can be fixed on your own. Some others will require a professional air conditioning service. All of these issues, will certainly need some money and time and materials to correct. Make sure you examine your air conditioning unit now to guarantee that it is in perfect working order, or get us to do it for you!

Here are some of the most typical air conditioning issues that we see every day

1. Uneven Cooling

If you feel that some rooms are warmer than others for no noticeable explanation, then it is most likely your air conditioning unit. This can be a result of being no dampers in the ducts, or the air is not balanced correctly in the system (triggered by no dampers!).

2. Thermostat Not Holding its Temperature

If your thermostat is not doing the job of maintaining a set room temperature, then it is probably broken or not calibrated appropriately.

3. System Runs All the Time

Many air conditioners now have a thermostat which lets you control when it comes on and off. Nevertheless, with ones that run continuously, the Air conditioning unit could be low on refrigerant or returns attic room air back to the rest of your home.

4. Ice on the Lines and System

ugh, ice! A filthy filter typically causes ice to appear on the air conditioning unit, dirty evaporator, malfunctioning blower or you are short of refrigerant.

5. Water Leaking

If you see puddles around your Air Conditioner, the issue is probably either that the system is frozen inside, the evaporator coil has rusted away, or the drain is clogged.

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