Air Conditioner Installation

Today, air conditioners are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in houses and buildings. Buying a brand new air conditioner is challenging with so many kinds of models and types available, not to mention the extra spending money to hire a professional air conditioner installation salesperson.

The correct air conditioner placement and installation is vital. Incorrect installation could result in high electrical power expenses, poor cooling circulation and more. There have been many researches about how improper air conditioner installation reduces the unit efficiency and cooling capability.

The most common problem during air conditioning unit installation is the airflow. Notice that sometimes the cold air does not circulate evenly across the room, or it takes too long to bring down the room’s temperature. In addition to the above information, faulty installation reduces the life span of the air conditioning unit significantly.

There are four fundamental things we should remember when installing an air conditioner. First, it is crucial for the air to move over the fan coil unit, which goes through the forced air duct system in the air handler. Secondly, the refrigerant charge needs to be at a correct level. Third, the outside unit must be regularly cleaned. The control system, especially the thermostat that turns the equipment on and off, needs to be within arms reach for safe operation. For those that decide to install the air conditioner themselves, please read the guide thoroughly

As the demand for air conditioning rises significantly, there are many businesses offering regular air conditioning maintenance for a reasonable price. With more than 45 years of experience in residential and commercial installations and an extensive servicing division, Coldflow provides the best heating and cooling solutions that match your needs.