About Coldflow Commercial Services

We extend our services to businesses and industries of all magnitudes and structural complexity, leading their projects from design to completion in all aspects of heating and cooling.

With a team of experienced engineers, skilled technicians, plumbers, and project managers to bring everything together, we seamlessly execute each project.

Environmentally Conscious

Our HVAC solutions are not just targeted at lowering your utility bills by keeping you energy-efficient. We are committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint by using only the power they need to meet their heating and cooling needs.

By optimizing the energy performance of your systems, we help you lower your energy demand and reduce your overall carbon footprint as a result.

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Our Mission Is Simple, To Provide You With The Highest Level Of Customer Service

At Coldflow Commercial Services, our goal is to provide you with quality, cost-effective solutions while delivering a high level of customer service. Moreover, we believe in the employees that drive us and continue striving to create a healthy and positive work environment that encourages them to grow and succeed.

We envision ourselves as a market leader in all aspects of the industry while contributing to a sustainable, energy-efficient future.

Serving You Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Old photo of Original Coldflow Van

Coldflow founded by John Dodd to service refrigeration systems throughout Victoria’s bustling boning rooms in the meat industry and Melbourne’s supermarkets.

Old photo of Sandown Coldflow shop

Sandown Amalgamated with Coldflow to form Sandown Coldflow.


Sandown Coldflow continued to provide air conditioning in the commercial space including businesses such as ANZ, Coles and various fast food chains.

Coldflow Logo

Coldflow Air-conditioning founded. Began working towards becoming Australia’s largest and most awarded heating and cooling company, which provides the best value and service available for Victorian home owners.


Coldflow Mechanical Services created by David Dodd Delivering higher quality installations to Melbourne’s larger more complex buildings and projects.


Coldflow Projects division formed Coldflow Projects began to tackle the building sector by providing builders and developers with the same level of quality as our domestic sector with commercial level design and implementation.


Coldflow becomes part of the HVAC Consolidated Group.