Education Industry

Coldflow has helped create a variety of educational spaces for teaching, learning and research. We understand the unique challenges that come with these facilities; they're constantly changing or evolving which means our service needs to change too!

We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can explore how together we may be able provide your building services in an efficient manner tailored specifically towards meeting all aspects of staff members' daily routines while also being comfortable enough/safe enough according their specific requirements.

Teacher and school children in class room
Emergency Department Entrance

Health & Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare sector is a particularly energy-intensive industry. Coldflow has long been instrumental in reducing the consumption and associated costs at facilities we maintain, manage.

In Australia’s aging population(which currently stands at more than 25%), hospitals are coming under increasing pressure to meet all needs for care from our growing communities as they come into fruition over time without any increase noticed by anyone yet except perhaps those on first glance about how much work will be needed soon enough if something doesn't change quickly now before its too late.

Recreation & Hospitality Industries

Through a range of services, Coldflow offers complete solutions to the needs for sports stadium design and installation and service as well as art gallery installations. In addition they provide specialised construction management in high-value conservation areas such as museums or libraries with fragile assets on display that require extra care when setting up new buildings next door from their permanent homes.

Coldflow is a company committed to making the world more beautiful through their services. They are experts in providing building maintenance and repairs for arts, stadiums or any other type of venue that requires it!

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Data Centre

Data Centres

Coldflow's extensive experience in data centre services has allowed us to develop a unique understanding of what is needed for mission-critical facilities. Our focus on energy efficiency means that we can provide maintenance with significant improvements over time, without harming performance or risking customer content

Coldflow’s commitment starts with the selection process; every client gets personal attention from start until finish which ensures only high quality workmanship goes into your facility. Coldflow's commitment to delivering services that deliver measurable improvements in energy efficiency is clear. It has a strong track record of working with data centres across Australia, understanding their mission critical role and significant penalties associated with function.

Commercial Office Buildings

Mechanical services provided for commercial office buildings provide an opportunity to deliver high returns on investment while improving tenant comfort and amenity. The air conditioning sector, in particular is one of the most energy intensive areas we work with; making it a perfect candidate at cutting down your company’s carbon footprint!

Coldflow Commercial Services can improve the energy efficiency by providing huge opportunities for making it more cost effect4ive for tenant comfort and amenities.

Commercial Buildings
Retail Shopping Centre

Retail Industry

Coldflow is a team of professionals who have been providing world class building services to the retail industry for over 25 years. Whether you need assistance with Maintenance service, design or construction, we will make sure your property meets all government standards and guidelines while still fulfilling its intended use.

A Coldflow provides high quality service at competitive prices because our success depends on meeting client expectations which were established long before us.

We help you create a retail environment that's comfortable, safe and effective for shoppers as well staff. Whether it’s an old building or new construction project - we can integrate our services with your design needs so every detail is taken care of from start to finish.

Eldery residents

Aged Care

Coldflow has a wide range of programs that can help your loved one stay healthy in their final years. If you're an aged care facility looking to maintain or improve the quality-of life for all residents, we have solutions tailored just for them!

We'll work with each client on personalized preventative services and maintenance plans based around residential comfort, indoor air pollution control system performance issues like ventilation rates and air quality.


Coldflow's experience in government facilities is extensive, from advice and design through to Service, maintenance & installation. We can also provide commissioning services for new projects or repairs on existing ones - ensuring that your office fits securely with their high standards of workmanship!

Coldflow is the leading company when it comes to working in government facilities. They have extensive experience across council and court-related projects as well bio safety standards for your office space needs!

Coldflow’s most notable accomplishment includes providing consultation on design through installation all of which are necessary aspects that promote productivity within these specialized buildings or portfolios.

Commercial Buildings