Is A Mechanical Ventilation System Right For Your Establishment?

When natural ventilation cannot maintain the circulation of fresh air in your establishment, it can lead to the accumulation and circulation of pollutants. This creates an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment for your building occupants, resulting in the need for a system that circulates fresh air throughout your facilities.

A mechanical ventilation system is right for you if:

Your local air quality is poor

Your building is too deep to ventilate naturally

Your local noise levels are too high such that windows have to be kept closed

Security or privacy requirements require keeping windows shut at all times

Partitions are blocking air paths

Your building has too many occupants, equipment, or machinery, resulting in high contaminant or heat load levels


Our in-house team will take care of all aspects of your mechanical ventilation system installation, from design to installation.

Medical Rooms

Medical Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation, filtration, and pressurization play a critical role in maintaining a healthy and sterile environment for patients, especially when at high risk of being immunocompromised.

At Coldflow Commercial Services, we design and install medical ventilation systems for positive and negative pressure rooms of all sizes and complexity. As a result, you can protect patients from airborne contaminations, lower the risk of infections and maintain an overall healthy and comfortable environment that drives better health outcomes.

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