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Report commissioned by Seeley international

Data was drawn from the Meridian Laboratories test analysis. The testing was performed by a NATA accredited laboratory to the requirements of the Australian Standard AS2913-2000

“Evaporative Air Conditioning Equipment”. Achievable with ambient 38° C DB, 21 ° C WB, when room temperature is 27.4 ° C. The Australian Standard for testing of fixed Evaporative Air Conditioning demands that all such units be tested as complete units. The standard states in clause 3.1.11d-1 “ Performance ratings relate to the actual performance of the fully assembled equipment as supplied, not the component parts to assembly.” All testing By Meridian Laboratories has been carried out in this prescribed manner

compare ducted refrig

The above table is to be used as a guide only; costs may vary depending on room size, insulation, heat-loss, the actual heater and usage.

1. Service charges and meter costs are not included. Electrical heating prices are based on Aurora Tariffs – Aurora Heating Discount, Residential rates – Tariff 31 and Tariff 61as at January 2009. Aurora natural gas prices current as at January 2009. LPG cylinder price $112.50 calculated at 16 February 2009. Oil prices are based on current heating oil prices in Hobart, 16 February 2009, of $1.57 per litre. Wood cost at $140 per tonne, based on average advertised newspaper prices in Hobart, February 2009.

2. Different models will have different rates of efficiency.

3. Unflued heaters, which are not recommended by Aurora, can have an efficiency rating of 90 per cent. Flued gas heaters have efficiency ratings that vary from 60–90 per cent. Flame-effect heaters can have an efficiency rating as low as 50 per cent.

4. Off Peak heating is on for a set period during the overnight/afternoon Off Peak times and offer 24-hour heating. Prices are based on Aurora’s Tariff 61.

5. Over winter stay at home couples like to heat their home from early in the morning, turning on at 7am and switching off just before they go to bed at 11pm (16 hours total). To enable this, a wood heater needs to be left on for 24 hours. Off Peak heating can be on for a maximum of 10–12 hours.

6. Over winter, working couples rarely turn the heater on before going to work. After work they go home and the heater stays on till they go to bed at 11pm. To enable this a wood heater needs to be left on for at least six hours. Off Peak heating can be on for a maximum of 10–12 hours.

7. Running costs for ceiling heat at 18˚C.

4 warm 2009 •



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