Residential Cooling Only Systems We Sell & Install

These cooling system shown here provide much needed air conditioning to your home for hot summer weather.

These can be whole home or single room units.

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Choosing the Right Cooling Only Unit

Melbourne summers are often spent outdoors enjoying the sun; at the beach, cooking barbecues and entertaining friends and family.

But we all need relief from the heat, even more so when it’s time to sleep. After multiple hot days, summer heat can linger in your home making life uncomfortable.

Installing a cooling system helps prepare for the inevitable summer heat. This makes your home more comfortable and liveable, especially when it’s time to sleep.

Coldflow can provide everything from the installation to ongoing servicing and maintenance ensuring your cooling system is ready for use when you need it the most.

Heating and Cooling Room

About Cooling Only Units

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is an energy-efficient, natural way to cool your home, adding pleasant humidity to the air, particularly beneficial in Melbourne's climate.

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Split System

Experience year-round comfort with a split system: enjoy efficient, targeted cooling during hot summers and cost-effective heating when winter strikes.

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Ducted Refrigerated

Experience the ultimate in home comfort with ducted refrigerated air conditinoing - providing comprehensive cooling for hot summers, and reliable heating when winter arrives.

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Cooling Only Systems Available from Coldflow

Evaporative Cooling Installed

Evaporative Cooling Keep your family cool all summer long

Addon Cooling Installed

Addon Cooling Retrofit your existing heating system with cooling

Unsure if you want a Cooling Only System?

Melbourne is blessed with abundant sunshine in summer, but it also experiences unpredictable weather that can leave you feeling unprepared.

To combat this, Coldflow offers various options to Melbourne locals when it comes to climate control.

Whether you are looking for a system that provides cooling only, one offering heating and cooling, or one providing heating only, they have the perfect options for your needs.

Take advantage of Melbourne’s varying temperatures and maintain your perfect indoor climate all year round!

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I was happy with the whole procedure, the cheerful telephone contacts including Adam, the visit from Chris for the original service, the quotation and information from Brian and the two installers yesterday. Thank you all for being so positive and Helpful.
Customer Review
June 2023
The whole process from selecting the Aircon, advised by Sales Rep Jared to the installation by Bailey and Anton was so efficient and smooth flowing. Installers were exceptionally courteous and helpful and professional. I couldn't be more pleased with the overall experience. Thank you very much!
Ranjit K.
Customer Review
June 2023
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