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Refrigerated Cooling Repairs

There is nothing more frustrating than coolers that won’t cool! When these pieces of equipment cease operation, you are likely bracing for a hit to the wallet, but with Coldflow, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our warranty-approved refrigerated cooling repairs for commercial and residential systems, central air-conditioners, and window units offer quality work at a low price. We offer repairs and regular inspection to ensure your system does its job all year round.

Keep your home and business running

Refrigerated cooling problems can make your home very uncomfortable and cause your business to essentially shut down. When these systems fail, the internal temperatures rise, as does the humidity, moisture, and risk of mould growth.

Coldflow refrigerated cooling repair can:

Save up to $140 when servicing multiple units

If you are in a commercial setting with multiple units, we can offer a streamlined service and repair process with combined costs for extra savings.

Our repairs for all of your HVAC equipment can include:

  1. Cleaning and changing of filters
  2. Repairs and maintenance of electrical work
  3. Cleaning of dirty components

The importance of regular and quality repair services

Your cooling system involves a lot of intricate parts and is often under continuous heavy use, especially during summer. It makes sense that over time, these parts wear and tear.

If left for long periods, small issues can get much worse and far more expensive. Along with more intense repair work, these issues may jeopardise the functional capacity of your system. A regular system repair service provides the following benefits:

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Your Ducted Refrigerated System can offer perfect temperatures for your home and office if it is in proper working condition. As ducted cooling is considered one of the best ways to achieve ideal climate control, these systems are relied on heavily throughout the year.

To ensure that your system does this, and refrains from shutting down in the heat of summer, let the experts at Coldflow handle your repairs and regular maintenance. With years of experience and all necessary unit knowledge, our refrigerated cooling repair service takes care of every element of your system.

From maintenance and repair to the installation of all major air conditioning units including evaporative, split systems, and others, we have you covered. Speak to the team at Coldflow today and stay comfortable at work or home, every day of the year.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jared, Lucas and Luke were all very professional, friendly and courteous. We were very impressed with the communication and all were on time for scheduled appointments. They were all just really easy to deal with, we'd definitely recommend Coldflow.
Customer Review
December 2023
The 2 servicemen were absolutely 1st class. Extremely knowledgeable, clean and efficient. Very importantly they were also extremely considerate of my house and how they conducted themselves! Overall a brilliant experience and I will certainly be telling everyone about the flawless service that I received. Many thanks
Customer Review
January 2024
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