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What is a Multi-Head Split System?

‘Multi-head’ is the term for a split system with 2 or more indoor units. There is one unit in each room that is able to heat/cool, and one single outdoor unit on the side or at the back of the house. The make/model of multi-head that you choose will depend on how many rooms you need to heat/cool. You can have up to 9 indoor units for each outdoor unit.

How Do Multi-Head Split Systems Compare?

Traditional Split Systems have a matching outdoor unit for every indoor unit; given that every home has multiple rooms, having an outdoor unit for every indoor unit would take up a lot of space and power consumption – that’s where a Multi-Head system comes in.

With a Multi-Head system, you can have 2 or more indoor units connected to 1 outdoor saving you valuable space, and future servicing costs.

How a Multi-Head Split System works compared to a standard Split System:



How Do Multi-Head Split Systems work?

Multi-Head Split Systems use the same technology as normal Split Systems. They work by having half the system (called a condenser) outside the home, and the other half (called the fan coil, or internal unit) inside the home.

When cooling, the warm air from inside the room is taken in by the fan coil and removed, resulting in cool air recirculating back into the house. While reverse cycle allows for the heat pump to run in reverse to provide heating during cold days.

Mitsubishi Electric Explains How Split Systems Work:

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What Are The Running Costs With Split Systems?

One of our recommended brands for Multi-Head Split Systems is Mitsubishi Electric. For a Mitsubishi Electric MXZ Series 7.1KW System, installed in 2x small bedrooms, and 1x lounge room providing regular heating & cooling during the winter and summer periods, the annual running cost would be measured at $702.90.


*Data is based on: 2016 Victoria Energy Tariff of 32.1 c/kWh, using a Mitsubishi Electric Multi-Head MXZ-4e71vad/msz-ge25vad collected from Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Consumption and Running Costs website. Usage times were set on average to 4 months of heating, and 2 months of cooling based on 7 hours a day. Actual running costs are affected by many factors including climate and insulation; this data should only be used as a guide and does not guarantee your individual running costs will reflect these results.

Reducing Multi-Head Split System Running Costs

It doesn’t take much to reduce your running costs. Depending on the model you purchase, and it’s respective star rating will determine how much you can save annually. However looking beyond the initial cost to how you use your Multi-Head Split System can help as well.


Why Choose Multi-Head Split Systems?

Multi-Head Split Systems are an economical solution for cooling lots of different rooms. Multi-head air conditioners are relatively simple to install, and the installation process can be incorporated to your renovation or building project. Building occupants can adjust the heating/cooling in their own room. It is an ideal choice for large homes, office buildings, and multi-residential premises.

When using a Multi-Head Split System, you’re not limited to just Wall Mounted indoor units, in fact you can choose from a whole range of different indoor units including:


Why Choose Coldflow for Multi-Head Split Systems?

Unlike single Split Systems which can be sold and installed by almost any air conditioning company, Multi-Head Split Systems can only be sold and installed by qualified air conditioning companies, it’s not even something that the big retail stores can sell and install. With over 150,000 heating and cooling installations completed, we have conducted thousands of Multi-Head air conditioning installations; combined with our experience, and range you won’t get a better solution anywhere else.

We supply and install a wide range of different multi head air conditioners at competitive prices. We’ll listen to your ideas, needs and budget constraints to help you decide which system would best suit your property. Our professional team can also repair and maintain your existing system at an affordable rate.

For more information or to get a quote, call us on 1300 880 688 or click here to leave your details and one of our sales experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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  • Thank you Coldflow for giving me a superb solution, attractive offer...
    I had my three head Daikin Multihead airconditioning system recently installed to the three bedroom upstair by very skilled installers. The system so far works very nice and very quite. Thank you Coldflow for giving me a superb solution, attractive offer and arranging professional installation works.
    Thanh Binh Nguyen - Google Review
  • I'm 100% satisfied with the workmanship, quality and customer care! Thank you again...
    Had done lots of research before contacting Coldflow while my neighborhood recommended me to use Coldflow so I thought it should be okay! We have chosen Daikin 16khw installed with 12 outlets which I thought it is going to be a mess ... but not at all! I'm 100% satisfied with the workmanship, quality and customer care! Thank you again! Thumbs up!
    Winnie - Google Review
  • This is my second system that Coldflow have installed, and I'm very happy with the result...
    This is my second system that Coldflow have installed, and I'm very happy with the result.
    2 head air conditioning system installation was quick and tidy. Even though the cassettes are more complicated and involved to install. All the guys cleaned up after themselves and took all the rubbish away. Excellent service and workmanship, even when it rained and then heat (its Melbourne) System work a treat, just waiting for the heatwave to arrive. Great work by the team
    Ralph Braun - Google Review
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