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What is Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is one of the most effective ways to heat and cool your home. Unlike traditional split-system air conditioners, ducted air conditioning units circulate cooled or heated air throughout your entire home via a system of ducts rather than wall units in each room. This allows you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your whole home, ensuring maximum comfort. Additionally, ducted systems are much more efficient than traditional split-systems, making them an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their energy consumption.

If you're interested in Whole Home Air Conditioning, ducted air conditioning is definitely worth considering.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is effective in all weather conditions including humidity, making it perfect for Melbourne’s "4 seasons in one day". These units run on electricity using inverter technology, and are a whole - home solution that also provide heating as well as cooling.

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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner Specifications

Whole Home System

Runs On Electricity

Heating and Cooling

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

How Does Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Work?

A condenser unit is positioned outside your home, connecting to a series of ducts that distribute the refrigerated air through your home.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning provides refrigerated heating and cooling throughout your Melbourne home with a comfortable temperature all year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. It does this while filtering the air and removing humidity.

Heating is provided economically by ‘reversing’ the operation of the air conditioner. Instead of expelling the hot air and circulating cool air, it does the reverse – hence the term ‘reverse cycle’ air conditioning.

Ducted Refrigerated How it Works Diagram
How Ducted Refrigerated Air Works

What are the running costs with gas ducted heating?

One of our recommended brands for Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is Mitsubishi Electric. For a Mitsubishi Electric PEAD-rp125jaa Series 12KW Ducted Refrigerated System, installed to provide a whole home regular heating & cooling during the winter and summer periods, the annual running cost would be measured at $1,340.05.

Ducted Refrigerated Running Costs
Ducted Refrigerated Running Costs
*Data is based on: 2016 Victoria Energy Tariff of 32.1 c/kWh, using a Mitsubishi Electric PEAD-rp125jaa Series 12KW Ducted Refrigerated System collected from Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Consumption and Running Costs website. Usage times were set on average to 4 months of heating, and 2 months of cooling based on 7 hours a day. Actual running costs are affected by many factors including climate and insulation; this data should only be used as a guide and does not guarantee your individual running costs will reflect these results.

Reducing Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Running Costs

It doesn’t take much to reduce your running costs with Ducted Refrigerated. Depending on the model you purchase, and it’s respective star rating will determine how much you can save annually. However looking beyond the initial cost to how you use your Ducted Refrigerated system can help as well.

Why Choose Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides quiet, unobtrusive climate control. Heat is distributed during winter, while cool air is circulated during summer. Coldflow is the leader for heating & cooling in Melbourne. Our qualified application engineers will advise you on the best system to fit any size requirement for home or business.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is your key to year-round comfort, whatever the conditions. By more precisely controlling the compressor rotation speed, this technology provides high-speed heating, cooling and comfort with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

Our Recommendation

Our ducted residential heating and cooling systems are completely flexible, and can be customised for any application. We suggest you consider superior brands such as Mitsubishi and Daikin for their energy efficient advanced inverter technology.

System Sizing (Estimated size of rooms)

  • 7-10 Kw – Small house
  • 12-14 Kw – Medium house
  • 17-25 Kw- Large house

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

The cost for purchasing a ducted refrigerated air conditioning unit with professional installation can range from $8,000 to $20,000+ depending on various factors whether it is a small home or large home, whether your home is single storey or double storey and the number of rooms and zones required for ducted air conditioning.

As a ducted air conditioning installation can be a large investment in your home, Coldflow also offers Interest Free Finance options available on all of it's range of systems.

If you feel that the ducted refrigerated air conditioning cost is more than you are looking to spend and are only interested in cooling your home Evaporative Cooling is another great option for whole home ducted air conditioning.

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Top-selling Ducted Refrigerated Brands from Coldflow

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Comprehensive Ducted Refrigerated Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Our dedicated team not only installs and replaces existing units, but we also understand the significance of proper maintenance.

That's why we have our own dedicated service division that provide top-notch servicing and repairs for ducted refrigerated units.

Whether it's routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance, or addressing unexpected issues that arise, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle it all.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Locations

Coldflow Air Conditioning extends its expert services across Melbourne, offering top-notch ducted refrigerated air conditioning solutions to various installation locations across the city. Whether you're seeking to cool a single room or an entire property, our team of professionals excels in tailoring air conditioning units to your specific needs.

For homes of all sizes, we specialise in installing ducted air conditioners that seamlessly blend with your interior while providing optimal climate control. Our proficiency in installing a ducted reverse cycle air system ensures year-round comfort, allowing you to enjoy both heating and cooling benefits from a single installation.When it comes to Melbourne's diverse installation locations, Coldflow Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for efficient, reliable, and customised climate control solutions.

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Jared came twice because we had a difficult set-up situation in a rear room with a box gutter. The solution worked out well. David and Daniel were professional and friendly installers who installed without fuss or mess. Sparky (Harold) was also efficient and easy to communicate with. My wife and I are very happy with the installation.
Customer Review
October 2023
Darren Storey - Professional, knowledgeable, easy to deal with. Adam scheduled the installation promptly and then it happened a week earlier - great. Installation crew lead by Jason - fast, efficient, timely - considering the wet weather throughout the morning and hopefully all has been done properly.
Customer Review
November 2023
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