Air Conditioning & Heater Duct Cleaning

The ducts in your home are there to ventilate the air throughout your home.

If they get clogged or full, this can cause health problems or make your HVAC system less efficient.

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About Airconditioner and Heater Duct Cleaning

Home is where the heart is, and for most people, that means making sure their family is safe and healthy. One way to do that is to keep the air in your home clean and free of pollutants.

And one of the best ways to do that is to have your ducts cleaned regularly by professionals like Coldflow.

Duct cleaning helps to remove all the dirt, dust, and other debris that can build up in your ductwork over time. In addition, it helps to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, which can save you money on your energy bills.

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Having your ducts cleaned by Coldflow is an investment in the health of your family, and it's one that you can't afford to overlook.

Not only is it important to have a clean and functioning air conditioning system in the summer, but it's also crucial during the winter months when your heater is running.

A clogged or dirty duct system will make your heater work harder and can even cause it to break down.

Duct Cleaning Service

At Coldflow we offer a thorough duct cleaning service for air conditioning and gas ducted heater units of every design. Our experienced, dedicated team of duct cleaning professionals will ensure your ducts are left spotless. Duct cleaning also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of a heating or cooling unit and drastically reduces dust and airborne particles throughout the home.

Every central HVAC system requires regular cleaning to ensure it functions at its best. At Coldlfow, we service thousands of homes with our affordable duct cleaning services. This means that homeowners know that their unit is always in optimum condition.

With some of the most competitive prices in industry, it’s never been easier to get the support you need to enjoy a clean, sanitary and perfectly warmed or cooled home. Start a conversation with our staff today to find out how we can help you.

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Keeping your home clean and your family safe

Even with regular scrubbing of your filter, your ducts will still need attention over time. Regular duct cleaning ensures that you’re only blowing clean, filtered air throughout your house. Over time, dust and other debris builds up in the ducting, meaning that every time you turn on the heater or air-conditioning, you’re blowing microscopic particles throughout the room. Not only does this look unsightly when it settles, it can also pose a hazard for anyone with allergies or respiratory issues such as asthma or nasal congestion, potentially making it harder for them to breathe.

It’s recommended that for the average sized home, you have your air conditioning ducts cleaned every three to five years. However, you should keep an eye out for tell-tale signs such as a visible dispersal of dust from the vents on activation or rapid build-up of debris in the filter.

About Coldflow Service

Coldflow is a family owned and operated business servicing the entire Melbourne area.

We service all brands of air conditioners and heaters, and our technicians are fully qualified and experienced.

We offer a range of services, including emergency repairs, ducted heating and cooling system installation, and regular maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions 4 Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning: the secret to a fresh smelling home

If you are noticing an increase in your home's odor and can't seem to find the source, it might be time for duct cleaning! Ducts help distribute fresh outside air throughout a building so when they're clogged with dust or dirt particles, this blocks ventilation causing bad smells.

Dirty ducts putting a damper on your home's performance?

Your air ducts have a better chance of staying clean if you regularly get rid them checked for dirt, dust and mold. The filters installed in these systems can also prevent any unwanted bacteria from getting into your home's living space as well!

Why duct cleaning is essential for good health

There is no doubt that having your ducts cleaned can have a positive impact on the health of those living in homes with inefficient systems. Air pollution from dirt and dust particles accumulating inside creates an environment where it becomes difficult for people to breathe freely, which may lead them down paths such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema over time if left unchecked.

Detect & Prevent Later Problems

Preventive maintenance is important to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and safely. Duct cleaning can identify potential problems before they become major issues, such as mold or moisture that could seriously damage the equipment itself; plus it's healthier for you too!

Melbourne Air Conditioning Service Locations

Melbourne residents looking to warm up during the cool winter months know they can rely on Coldflow for reliable heater service and repairs. For over 50 years, Coldflow have provided quality installation and heater repairs across Melbourne's suburbs. Whether you're in Springvale, Richmond or even Mornington, we are able to come to you and are ready to provide unbeatable expertise and experience.

Coldflow are Melbourne's most trusted name when it comes to air conditioning and heater needs!

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Coldflow Service Goals

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service, and to do so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

We also offer a free quote on any new installation or complete replacement of an existing system, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible value for your money.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Jared came twice because we had a difficult set-up situation in a rear room with a box gutter. The solution worked out well. David and Daniel were professional and friendly installers who installed without fuss or mess. Sparky (Harold) was also efficient and easy to communicate with. My wife and I are very happy with the installation.
Customer Review
October 2023
Craig was great, explaining thoroughly & giving advice on appropriate systems to best suit our floor plan. Advised where best the systems should be installed. The young lads installing were absolutely marvelous! Very polite, very tidy & we can;t fault their work. Thank you to all involved in making our purchase a hassle free transaction
Customer Review
November 2023
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