Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioners and Heaters

Melbourne residents have a lot of questions when it comes to air conditioners and heaters.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get, along with their answers.

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How can I reduce my energy bills?

There are a few ways to reduce your energy bills when using an air conditioner or heater.

Firstly, make sure that your unit is properly maintained and serviced.

Secondly, consider investing in a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to set specific times for your unit to be turned on or off.

Finally, make sure that your home is well insulated to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

By following these tips, you can significantly reduce your energy bills.

What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners unlike traditional Air Conditioners provide both heating and cooling. There are a number of ways this is achieved depending on the system used, but generally speaking, the system runs by drawing in the outside air and moving it into your room. You can use them to provide cool air throughout the warmer months. This is an ideal solution for your office or home if you are located in an area with varying temperatures in a year.

People in a subtropical climate will just need a cooling system. If you are in a particular region where you experience extreme coldness in the winter months and an excruciating heat in the summer season, a reverse cycle cooling system suits you best.

Most units in the market run efficiently. Some are equipped with anti-overworking features like automatic switch-off modes and incremental power flow decline while preserving the temperature. Despite its affordable perks, these dual feature units are still not low-cost.

Another cost saving method is to insulate your room, residence or office prior to installation or use of the system. Insulated rooms allow the unit to run less each time you switch it to keep the temperature at the level you want. The unit will additionally last for an extended period of time since it will not be overused.

A reverse cycle air conditioner system is an investment. Be sure to obtain much information before acquiring one.

What are the Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioner System?

Excessive hot and extreme cool both leave us with a kind of uneasiness. In both conditions, working successfully becomes hard and makes unwinding ourselves at the end of the day difficult. At such times, air conditioning unit show their value. Ducted air conditioners or Evaporative Cooling is also another option due to the capability to cover multiple areas at the same time.

Here are some benefits of ducted air conditioner system:

  1. They can be made use of in hotels, workplaces, multi-storey buildings, house, shopping complexes, shopping centres, image – halls anywhere. In multi-storey structures, various ducts are in different storeys and a single machine could do for two stories at a time. Solitary equipment is capable enough in controlling the temperature of an entire house as well as 2 storeys. The air is through ducts in all rooms.
  2. These are in the roof and controls the temperature according to the environment. This system draws in the air and turns it into cold or hot according to environment. Their installation is simple, and as they are in roofing, they do not occupy the room on the wall.
  3. In a hot environment it provides cooling and dehumidification and a warm environment it provides cooling. The zone motors can be set in different ducts of different rooms in order to make the heating or cooling pliable as per your requirement.
  4. These are most valuable for those who are struggling with asthma. As they will filter the air, which they bring in from the surroundings and make it microorganism free.

The negative aspects connected with these conditioners are their installation leaves you with no option to change its place as per your demand. As the conversion of required temperature is with the help of electricity, the outcome is high electrical power bills. There are others more expensive in contrast to other types of conditioners. However, their installation proves to be cost effective in shopping centres , workplaces and medical centres.

It is a good idea that before purchasing a conditioner, contact dealers to know about assorted ranges offered in the market according to brand names. Select the appropriate sized machine according to your need, as the greater number of BTUs will certainly include the number of systems in your statement. Make certain that you purchase from those providers who offer upkeep services by professional specialists at regular periods.

So there is no need to stress over buying different air conditioning units for different rooms when a solitary ducted conditioner can satisfy your demand effectively.

What are the advantages of a Split System Installation?

Usually, split system installation is simpler, compared to a conventional air conditioner. When connecting the evaporator to the condenser, it is to have a 3-inch hole in a wall intended for the avenue. It is unnecessary for the condenser to sit near the evaporator which is inside because the avenue connectors can be utilised in varying lengths. As a result of that, cooling any interior room can be conveniently carried out.

The interior blowers for split system installation could be set up in three locations whether in a wall, ceiling or floor. At the same time, there are also purchasable independent standing flooring systems. They are tiny and usually are in an ornamental jacket for interior consumption. They are usually complete with a remote control in order for the temperature to be effortlessly moderated. The remote control is in each space where the unit is up.

What do We Need to Consider when Buying and Installing an Air Conditioner?

The air conditioning system of any building, whether residential or commercial, is of crucial importance. The efficiency in a building determines the level of comfort for the inhabitants. It also becomes of even more importance in places like laboratories and studios. For some places, regulation of the temperature is extremely crucial. With the rapid advancements in AC technology, it is now possible to get sophisticated air conditioning installed for any type of building. The HVAC systems these days are extremely effective and come with other advantages like being silent, being able to be installed keeping in mind the aesthetics of the place etc.

When it comes to the temperature regulation of a place, one can choose the ducted air conditioners or the split air conditioners. The choice can vary depending on your needs, such as the area, the budget and the aesthetics. The ducted air conditioners are the best option when the entire building’s temperature needs to be precisely controlled. This increases the efficiency of the system and saves energy too. If installed carefully, ducted systems cost less and can add to the overall home or office building value. Split air conditioners are the perfect choice to cool a couple of rooms.

No matter what kind of machinery used, the most vital part is proper installation of the system. Most manufacturers do not cover installation related warranty claims. This makes it extremely important to get professional help for the installation of the air conditioning systems. When you are spending a large amount on the system, you would not want it to go to waste because of the installation costs. You can search for the service providers online and compare the costs, but make sure that you choose a company that ensures that they have experts in the field and who adhere to the manufacturer’s instruction before starting with the installation process. There is no point spending vast amounts on the air conditioning system if you end up with faulty working.

Why Choose a Daikin Air Conditioner?

If one of your family members suffers from asthma and allergies, you will want to make sure your air conditioning system is suitable for this condition. Here are a few tips that showcase the greatest air conditioning systems that are sensitive for your preferences.

The Only Split System Air Conditioners

When the National Asthma Council Australia announced the Sensitive Choice program, which aims to help consumers to identify products that are appropriate for those whom are afflicted with allergies and asthma, they selected Daikin as the sole split system air conditioner authorised to display the Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol. Advanced Filter systems Daikin Split System air conditioners have a state of the art air-purifying filters that might reduce a few of the causes which affect people that suffer from allergies and asthma and help to offer a cleaner and healthier interior environment.

Double Action

Every Daikin Split System has been fitted with a particular air-purifying filter. These split Systems are fitted with a lot more advanced Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying filters. These filters not only trap microscopic airborne particles, they also decompose odours, adsorb and deactivate viruses and bacteria. There is also mould-proof filters and a mould-proof operation that helps avoid the demographic of mould and mould odours inside the device.

Doubly Sure

To be sure you get the right information and the split system that is correct for your house, consult with Coldflow. This guarantees expert installation, every one of the air conditioners are supported by Daikin’s 5-year warranty

What are the Important Things to Consider When You Install Split System Air Conditioners?

The significant benefit that you get when making use of split system air conditioning is that it is less invasive than ducted types. If you are renting a residential property, whether commercial or household, split system cooling is a terrific option. To assist you, it is typically beneficial to speak with an air conditioning professional, so that whatever system you choose, it will certainly be much more efficient for you, and more suitable to your specific demands.

About split system air conditioning unit

Split system air conditioning units are used of for both heating and cooling of residential properties where ducted air conditioning is not an option. These systems are popular in rental residential properties that have not had ducted air set up, since they can be mounted directly into a window, in addition to into walls. This type of stand-alone device blows hot and cold air straight into the space, instead of through ducts in the floor or ceiling of the structure. When leasing a property, you do not wish to spend your cash on ducted cooling, which cannot be taken with you later on. A window unit nonetheless, could make you comfy while using the residential property and can effortlessly be taken out and reinstalled at your next property, must you move.

Talk with a specialist

If you are uncertain how to decide on a split system that will do what you need it to, then it is useful to talk with a certified air conditioning professional. They will certainly have the ability to utilize their skills to assist you comprehend the capabilities and restrictions of a split system air conditioning unit. A specialist must be experienced in assessing the right unit to fit the area you have, assisting to locate an option that not just warms and cools, however, also works effectively to reduce power costs and make sure circulation of hot and cold air throughout your property.

Setting up a split system-cooling unit is the logical choice when you are utilizing a residential property that you lease or are leasing. When it involves getting insight about split system air conditioning units, contractors and expert business’ with skills in air disadvantage systems will certainly be able to supply you with guidance and support on the very best system to suit the area you have. At the same time, they keep in mind factors such as energy effectiveness and your cooling and heating needs.

What is A Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner?

A multi-head split air conditioning system can cool two or more rooms with one outdoor unit and allows individual control of each indoor air conditioner unit. This system optimises the comfort and is much more energy efficient.

Here are some major advantages of using a multi split air conditioning system:

Reduced Installation Space

Multi split air conditioner systems are ideal for any installations, especially where the outdoor space is limited, as multiple indoor units can be linked to a single outdoor unit, helping you unclutter your home’s exterior as well.

High Energy Savings

Most multi split air conditioning systems are equipped with state-of-the-art Inverter power technology. It keeps the air conditioner operating at a low capacity most of the time. That means high energy saving even when multiple indoor units are operating simultaneously for long periods.

Vast Product Range

Multi split air conditioning systems come in various types of duct-connected, wall-mounted, and floor/ceiling suspended indoor air conditioners. People tend to choose the wall-mounted units to complement their beautiful indoor decoration or the ducted air conditioners to hide the air conditioning unit.

Floor/ceiling suspended units can help unclutter your room with their clever design. It can be seamlessly installed on the ceiling or at floor level, which help reduces the loss of warm air. This means you can install this virtually in any room. The aesthetic appeal of the cassette-type air conditioner makes them suitable for commercial use such as shops and small offices.

Why You Should Consider a Multi Split Air Conditioner System?

Split system air conditioners are known to come from Japan and were popular in various countries like Australia lately. Offices, auditoriums, schools, restaurants and other commercial places usually use this kind of multi split air conditioner.

Compared to traditional air conditioner, split system has two devices, an indoor unit and the outside compressor. Both units are connected using a conduit, which are 2 copper pipelines and a control that sends digital signals back and forth. This also includes tubes, power and drain cable.

Installing a split air conditioner system is easy and the air conditioning unit could help save energy because it has the ability to offer zone cooling. This is done through the unit’s thermostat, which helps manage the areas. The amount of electrical power the device will require can be seen in the user handbook. Before buying a split system, check if the product has an energy star rating.

Some multi split systems are combined with window type air conditioner. This combination provides better cooling ability, especially in a very large area such as a shopping mall.

A split air conditioner does not require ducts on walls and does not produce as much sound as various other cooling systems units. They are the best air conditioner for multi-purpose use.

Split system air conditioner will not only let you save money on your bill, but additionally provide cleaner and safer air. They can remove various kinds of odours originating from food preparation, animals, and cigarette smoke. It is also a good system for any individuals with respiratory issues like bacterial pneumonia and asthma. Split system air conditioner can decrease toxins such as pollen or dirt that can impact on a person’s health.

What are the Advantages of Cooling Your Home with Central Air Conditioning (Evaporative Cooling)?

There are different types of air conditioner models that you can use for your residence, however, one of several preferred, is the utilization of central air conditioning. You are going to be shelling out more funds for this machine, however, the advantages to get from this offers better value for the financial investment. In reality, a few experts are saying that it must be a cheaper option in comparison to having different machines working inside the home. Read on to obtain more information on the benefits that you can get from using this machine for your home.

The first advantage that you can get from using centralized AC is that you are able to save a terrific deal of cash for the electric utility expenditure. Countless individuals have a misconception that the bigger your unit is, the quicker it will consume a source of electricity.

However, the truth is that the bigger your own machine is, the less time it takes to cool the temperatures in your home. This means it will be necessitating less amounts of energy only to have the ability to provide you with the comfort that you want. Rather than having two or three different gadgets being effective concurrently, you are going to just use one AC.

Another great advantage that you can get from it would be that it will be much easier to have it installed. All you have to do is to install the device and it will feel ready to use immediately. Should you decide to compare it to installing three different gadgets, using centralized AC undoubtedly would save time, money, and effort. Apart from this, you are going to also manage to cut costs from repair, because you simply have one machine, which will only need to be checked and fixed as necessary. You do not need to track the performance of three different machines, instead, you will only need to check one.

Finally, it will be possible to save a significant amount of storage space, because centralized air conditioning units can be installed in your own loft. Different from individual models that should be installed in each place; you simply need to install it in your own free space, giving your more room for different gadgets.

This means you do not need to stress about making slots for your own machines, due to the fact it can easily be installed anywhere. This makes it effortless to have your models in your house without having to spend more money on the slots that you are going to be placing it in.