Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling Features
  • Natural, fresh air, whole-of-home cooling system
  • Incredibly low running costs
  • Cheapest form of ducted cooling
  • Unaffected by extreme heat

How does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Evaporative cooling uses the natural cooling properties of water to lower the temperature of a room. A ducted cooling unit is installed on the roof and connected to a series of outlets placed throughout the home. The unit draws in fresh air from outside your house. As the air passes through the filter pads (inside the roof unit), the air is cooled down and directed into every room in your house. The hotter the air, the better the cooling effect will be.

The entire volume of air within the house is refreshed every few minutes when using an evaporative cooler.

Why Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is the one of the cleanest and healthiest ways to cool your house. With evaporative cooling there is no need to keep the house shut up to stay cool, you can keep doors and windows open without any worries.

Fresh, healthy air
An evaporative cooling air conditioner is the healthiest way to cool your home. Particularly for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma or allergies, as it may help relieve some of their symptoms and it is always good to have a clean environment for your children.

Saving the environment and your money
Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, evaporative cooling air conditioning is based on a totally natural cooling process – so there are no harmful refrigerant gases. It is also 50% cheaper to install and up to eight times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling. Cool your entire home from as little as 5 cents per hour!

Why Choose Coldflow?

Coldflow is able to offer some of the best evaporative cooling prices Melbourne has to offer. Not only do we stock the industry’s leading brands, but our expert sales technicians can guide you on the best option to suit your needs (home and budget). We also offer installation, as well as reliable evaporative cooling repairs Melbourne wide. Book a free in-home consultation today!

Our Recommendation

Coldflow recommends considering the Breezair Icon series for your home. Available in a range of different colours, sizes and cabinet shapes, it is suitable for any household or industrial application.

The series is also the world’s quietest and most efficient ducted air evaporative cooling system on the market. A super-efficient hush power motor is integrated with an ultra-quiet centrifugal fan, delivering unsurpassed efficiency and reducing running costs to less than half that of a conventional axial motor model, which operates on a significantly greater 12 cents per hour.

For a truly comprehensive ducted evaporative cooler service in Melbourne, contact Coldflow at 1300 880 688 or click here and one of our experienced !


Accessories & Products We Provide Specially Made For Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Platinum Duct

- Metalised core
- Insulated with a platinum reflective sleeve (AS 4254.1-2012)

Weathergaurd Dropper

- Prevents Leaks
- No Rust
- Made from topgrade UV stabilized polymer

Multi-Directional Grille

- Standard & Adjustable
- Your choice of desired direction of air flow to suit your needs



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