Is your Evaporative System not cooling as much as it should?

If your evaporative cooling unit is not as effective as it used to be?

It might be that your evaporative cooling pads need to be replaced.

The evaporative cooler pads are an integral part of the cooling process for your ducted evaporative cooling unit and do wear out over time.

An evaporative cooler works by pulling air from the outside and processing it to reduce its temperature, as the air passes through the filter pads (inside the roof unit), the air is cooled down and directed into every room in your house.

These pads are often soaked in water so that they can easily carry out the evaporative cooling process once hot air interacts with them.

Since evaporative cooler pads carry out vital functions for the whole cooling system, it can be possible for these to wear off faster than other components outside of your regular maintenance.

Give the Coldflow Service team a call to discuss having your evaporative cooler pads/filters replaced.

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