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Evaporative Cooling Repairs – Servicing Melbourne

During summer, Melbourne residents rely heavily on air conditioning. Throughout these hotter months our evaporative cooling repairs and servicing team are in high demand. Coldflow are Melbourne’s largest provider of evaporative cooler repairs, maintenance, servicing and installation, meaning there is always a Coldflow technician available.  

Repair and maintenance carried out by Coldflow carry a 3 month labour warranty and 12 month warranty on parts.

Break downs and issues with evaporative cooling not only cause discomfort but can create safety issues within your home or business. The comfort and safety of older or younger members of your family, pets or staff is paramount. It’s also important to ensure there is no excess moisture in your home which can lead to mould and mildew growth. This in turn creates an uncomfortable environment for allergy sufferers and can potentially decrease the value of your property.

An evaporative air conditioner that isn’t functioning correctly can create a range of costly issues, including:

  • Cycling more frequently drives up utility bills
  • Increased wear and tear on unit components can lead to early malfunction and expensive repairs or replacements
  • Mould and mildew growth damages household items and can cause health issues
  • A full breakdown which could lead to an expensive complete replacement

Your air conditioning system is an investment. Ensuring correct upkeep not only means comfort all year round but also keeps utility bills low, saving you money in the long run.

The benefits of regular servicing

Evaporative cooling is already an economical way to ensure your space remains at a comfortable temperature. A regular servicing schedule not only maintains this but also ensures your system is operating at its peak performance. 

Your evaporative system works by pulling warm air into your home or business from outside, cooling it and sending it into your area. The harder it works, the more energy it drains. The longer you delay servicing or repairs, the higher the chance that your system is not running at its best, taking more time to cool your home at a higher cost. 

The expert team at Coldflow can ensure you have a regularly scheduled service at least once a year to maintain the optimal running of your system. This means no issues, no breakdowns, and no scary utility bills! View more information about this by heading to our dedicated servicing section.

Installation services

Our team of professionals are also able to provide fast and efficient installation of a new evaporative system for a commercial or residential property. All of our technicians are certified and knowledgeable with an in-depth portfolio to draw from offering exceptional results, every time.

We can handle projects of any size and are well across all of the system brands and their requirements. Speak to us today about your plans for a new system, or the repairs or upkeep of an old one, and stay comfortable all year with help from your friends at Coldflow.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
  • Excellent service & workmanship

    This is my second system that Coldflow have installed and I'm very happy with the result.
    2 head air conditioning system installation was quick and tidy. Even though the cassettes are more complicated and involved to install. All the guys cleaned up after themselves and took all the rubbish away. Excellent service and workmanship, even when it rained and then heat (it's Melbourne).
    System work a treat, just waiting for the heatwave to arrive. Great work by the team.

    Ralph Braun - Google Reviews
  • Again, very happy with the service

    I was extremely happy with the service provided by Coldflow.
    I had a ducted cooling system installed. The team turned up on time and completed the job the same day. The guys were courteous and completed the job with a minimum of fuss and disruption. The workmanship was excellent and all ducts were located as per our agreement. They placed drop sheets wherever required and cleaned up after completion. Again was very happy with the service provided by all the crew.

    George Spiliopoulos - Google Reviews
  • Recommended already to friends

    Replaced gas ducted unit. Installation was the perfect I have ever seen and the installers cleanup and did more than they were suppose to do. Customer service focused and really good company to work with. Have also got my cooling installed from them last year, so recommended already to friends and to anyone needing Heating and Cooling

    Praveen Viswanathan - Google Reviews
  • I highly recommend Coldflow and would use them again

    From my first conversation with a consultant, I felt confident that Coldflow had the experience and knowledge I was looking for. I was thrilled with the level of customer service I received and follow up from them. The installers were professional and helpful and on time. I am very happy with the evaporative cooling unit we chose, thanks to the assistance and guidance of our consultant. I highly recommend Coldflow and would use them again.

    Benita Aaltonen - Google Reviews
  • Sales consultant understood what i wanted with no pressure

    Very good service. David the Sales consultant understood what i wanted with no pressure, and was patient. Installers were friendly. Had one one problem with controller, but they have back the next day and was promptly fixed. Thanks again

    Beth Grace - Google Reviews
  • Very good service, very happy with my heating & cooling

    Thanks to Craig at Coldflow. He listened to me, about how cold and hot certain rooms were. Other companies just tried to sell me what they wanted. Very good service, very happy with my heating and cooling.

    Rania NG - Google Reviews
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