Air Conditioning Supply & Install For Developers & Builders

If you're a developer or builder, then you know that having a reliable air conditioning supply and install is key to keeping your project on schedule

Let Coldflow Cover your HVAC Needs for your Next Project Over 150,000 Installations & Growing!

Coldflow Projects is a division of Coldflow Heating & Cooling started back in 2009 to provide HVAC installations & servicing in the building sector.

We provide builders & developers with 50+ years of experience and knowledge in the HVAC industry.

From new installations to on-going servicing & maintenance, the Projects team is here to make your construction & building projects cost less, run smoother, and more efficient.

House Plans
Coldflow Installer Carrying HVAC Unit on Building Site

Working with Coldflow Projects your project will have access to

  • Seeley Climate Master Exclusive Products & Extended Warranties, such as specialist builder models
  • A team of experienced mechanical design engineers
  • Our diverse array of highly reputable industry leading brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi.
  • Opportunities and assistance with estimating heating and cooling with fixed term contracts
  • Development of your Sales Staff with heating and cooling knowledge
  • A dedicated project management team who specialise in new builds

Tackling any HVAC Installation with Our In-House Mechanical Engineers

Unlike traditional HVAC installers & plumbers, Coldflow Projects has an In-House Mechanical Engineering team with a vast knowledge of the application of HVAC in the building sector.

Our in-house mechanical engineering team will provide you with accurate drafts and calculate the best HVAC applications and installations to not only give your project the best possible HVAC installation, but one that will enhance the value of your project upon completion.

Engineers Discusing Plans
Coldflow clearing road blocks

We make sure your HVAC Milestones don’t become Roadblocks

Because every project is unique and different we’ve invested heavily in our customer relation & project management software.

We know and understand that every milestone in a construction and building project has key dependencies that both hold up and permit further milestones to be completed. That is why our projects team works with you, our clients & customers to plan around your project plan so that your project doesn’t get delayed costing you time and money.

So whether you’re looking to cover your HVAC requirements for a small handful, large, or on-going construction & building contracts – look no further, Coldflow Projects is here, to find out more simply contact us or fill out our enquiry form today!

Brands that Coldflow Projects Supplies