Warranty Claims

With our in house warranty team, your worries about installation issues are put at ease.

With workmanship and product warranties on all our installations, relax knowing that you're covered if something goes wrong.

Our Warranties are the Best in the Business

At Coldflow we have a dedicated warranty team to help and guide with any issues regarding our air conditioning and heater installations.

Our 6 year warranty on all workmanship guarantees our customers they will receive the best possible service.

6 Year Warranty Stamp

Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty covers all installation related areas of the system or in other words, everything but the actual heater/condenser itself (eg: Ductwork, ventilation…).

Our workmanship warranty lasts for up to six years with any of your heating/cooling systems (excluding heater/condenser) from the licensed plumber that installed it.

All licensed installers must provide the certificate of compliance which subjects them to following Australian standards of producing quality and responsible service.

Product Warranty

Product warranty refers to the warranty for the actual air conditioning unit.

They vary in duration as each manufacturer has its own set warranty period plus the extended warranty that only Coldflow offers.

As the largest dealer of air conditioners in Melbourne, we are able to negotiate with the manufacturer’s warranty service to provide you with the best after sales experience.

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In House Warranty Team

At Coldflow, we take pride in providing our own in-house warranty team. We know that product issues can be a major headache, so our team is dedicated to putting your mind at ease. If you have any problems with an air conditioning product installed by Coldflow, simply reach out to our warranty to team through the online form below or via SMS/Text .