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Evaporative cooling is a natural and environmentally-friendly way to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

And now, with the purchase of a Breezair Icon Evaporative Cooling Unit, you can get upgraded to the Breezair Super Cool evaporative cooler system for free!

The Breezair Super Cool system offers all the same benefits of evaporative cooling, but with even more powerful performance. So don't wait any longer, purchase a Breezair Icon Evaporative Cooling Unit today and get upgraded to the Breezair Super Cool evaporative cooler system for free!

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This promotion is due to finish on 1 Jan 2023

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Chris was exactly on time to do the quote, he was very knowledgeable about what would and would not work and the quote was fast and competitive. The installers were on time, courteous and professional. The installation was neat and they left the house tidy.
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We are extremely satisfied with the way our whole installation was completed. They were polite, efficient and on time. They keep us informed as to there attendance and the whole process from start to finish. I would have no hesitation in recommending Coldflow Heating and Cooling.
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