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5 Common AC Problems

When there is an issue with our air conditioning system, typically we want that we can easily deal with by ourselves. Some of the common problems do not require expert support, and you could repair by yourself. Nevertheless, please remember that the abilities of each person are not equally the same. For that reason, prior to attempting to repair it on your own, you need to ensure if you could actually do it.

Problem: Every time you turn the Air Conditioner on, the breaker goes.

Solution: This is irritating! A weak breaker, a faulty contactor, a grounded compressor, can easily cause it or since the condenser fan was shorted to the ground.

Problem: The fan runs, however, the compressor does not.

Solution: Likely, your compressor is broken in some way! There might be a burnt wire, a malfunctioning compressor or a malfunctioning beginning capacitor. You may additionally have your compressor shorting out since of the overload security on it. Likely, you will certainly have to change the compressor.

Problem: The air conditioner hums, but no fan.

Solution: You have a humming air conditioner, but you have no air?! A broken fan, a faulty capacitor or a burned out wire can easily cause this.

Problem: The outdoor system is running, however, the fan is not.

Solution: Any number of things could have gone wrong here, but it might be that you have a grubby filter, the capacitor is broken, a wire burned off, the blower motor is broken, the fan centre is broken, or the evaporator coil is filthy. You will probably need to pull your air conditioning unit apart in order to identify what is going on.

Problem: The air conditioner will not turn on!!!

Solution: Caused by any sort of number of things, this is the downright most common air conditioner problem. There may be an issue with the power supply to the device, a malfunctioning transformer/thermostat/contactor, a contactor wire could have burned off or your dog chewed the wires. Either way, the issue will primarily have to do with the power supply. If you need more information about cooling and heating systems, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, make an appointment and request a quote. You could also contact us here.
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