Understanding your Home Zoning Requirements

You select the temperature on this panel and the system works to cool or heat the house to the desired temperature. It does not allow for temperature differences through out the home. Your selection to add zoning will allow you to have greater control over temperatures and provide you flexibility to use your system to suit your living arrangements. Saving you valuable $$$.

Basic Zoning

Standard Zoning systems use a simple switch to control one or two areas only, such as living and or bedroom areas. Basic zoning require a “constant zone”. This is an area of the home (usually a kitchen or lounge area) that constantly dumps air whilst the system is on without any control.

Basic zoning 1-2 zones Single rooms or upstairs downstairs

Zone Station allows YOU to decide which areas or rooms you wish to heat or cool by switching up to six zones on or off. Streets ahead it has been cleverly designed to eliminate the need for a permanent dumping zone by using a series of electronic default constants built in. Zone station senses how many zones are closed and then automatically opens a pre-selected zone or zones to release excess air only when system air pressure is required to be released.

All of this controlled through a single controller with clear room labeling and a light to display, which zones are currently in use. Coupled with the advanced inverter technology, it offers potentially massive savings on energy wastage and running costs, as you are only conditioning the rooms you need.

Zone station– 1-6 zones

Provides full temperature control for a particular zone, adding increased comfort and efficiency to rooms, such as a baby’s room or home office.
The VAV can be stand-alone or provide individual temperature control in up to 4 additional rooms, compatible with ducted refrigerated or gas heating. It works as an addition to the system; a thermostat is built into the touch panel to modulate the airflow going into the room.

Individual Temperature control Zones.

The Single VAV is perfect for individual temperature control in one room
* Special conditions apply to this product. Please ask sales consultant to explain operating ranges

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