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If you are looking for experienced split systems air conditioning and maintenance company in Melbourne, then look no further than Coldflow.

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Split System Repairs

There is nothing more annoying than your split system air conditioner not turning on or leaking refrigerant. You may even be noticing a bad smell, strange noises or quite simply, the incorrect room temperature?

All of these are signs that your split duct system is in need of service or repair, and this is where Colflow can help! Split Systems are perfect for controlling the temperature separately in different zones and lowering utility bills, but they require proper maintenance to ensure they last the 10-15 years that they should!

Your system is often under an intense workload in extreme temperatures, and our warranty-approved service ensures that you are never left needing emergency repairs while having to endure unbearable temps.

Our technicians have the knowledge for every brand and model

With Coldflow, you won't void the warranty of your unit by having an unapproved service. We can set-up a regular annual inspection, install certified parts, and perform maintenance for every brand available.

Don't risk the performance, efficiency, or warranty of your unit and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your split air conditioner will run soundly all year! In our over 50 years of servicing and maintenance, we’ve encountered every system and potential problem there is. This means efficient work, low- maintenance costs, and complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Improve your home’s comfort levels

Your split system is likely having to work all year round, and you can simplify the regular maintenance required while lowering the expense of managing your heating and cooling systems with a Coldflow maintenance plan.

You are already saving money with your split system by only heating or cooling the particular areas of your home that need it, now take the extra step of ensuring the system is running efficiently.

You can trust the experts at Coldflow, with over 50 years of experience

When you call Coldflow for your system service and repairs, you can rest easy knowing you are in the hands of qualified staff and professional technicians who are purely focused on quality and your comfort.

We offer routine maintenance on your split system to ensure it is performing efficiently, and we back everything we do up with 50 years of experience in the industry. Speak to us about how we can help you save you money in the long run.

Residential and commercial systems in Melbourne

Our team can service homes and businesses with systems of any size, so speak to our highly accredited staff today about getting the most out of your unit.

Many people miss this key element of protecting their investment. Systems require regular maintenance to ensure they maintain efficiency and reliability, and the team from Coldflow can help you extend the life of your unit while avoiding potentially fatal carbon monoxide leaks today.

From electrical problems to leaks or other issues, including urgent repairs, speak to the Coldflow technicians today and get the very best out of your HVAC unit. We’ll keep you comfortable!

Technician Servicing Airconditioner

The Coldflow Service Advantage

Regular servicing by Coldflow will prolong the lifespan of your Split Systems by; removing debris and build-up, inspecting moving parts and identifying parts showing early signs of wear to avoid inconvenient, costly breakdowns.

Some reasons to prioritise servicing of your heating and cooling include; HVAC systems with dirt and grime buildup work harder to provide cool air, moving parts embedded with debris cause a strain on connecting components and compressors and coils that are ‘running hot’ are an expensive repair when they malfunction completely. A Coldflow service includes everything here.

Service and repair work carried out by Coldflow carries a 3 month labour warranty and 12 month warranty on parts.

Treat your HVAC system like the investment that it is and ensure it saves you money, as opposed to costing you more. Keep your energy bills low and maintain the system for as long as possible to avoid the expensive cost of a replacement unit. A Coldflow Split Systems service gives peace of mind and will ensure your investment lasts. When it comes to servicing and maintaining your Split Systems, trust the best and most experienced.

Service multiple systems & save!

Save up $140 when we service multiple heating and cooling systems on the same call out. To learn more or arrange regular, scheduled maintenance call our service team today on 03 9549 6118 or visit our Special Offers page for current servicing deals.

Servicing Every Major Brand

Coldflow service all major brands, call Coldflow for routine maintenance and having to call us for an emergency breakdown.

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Coldflow Service Goals

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service, and to do so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

We also offer a free quote on any new installation or complete replacement of an existing system, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible value for your money.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

On time, informative quote from pleasant sales person. Quick, clean install from pleasant on time installer. Installation even brought forward, quote on Wednesday, instal on Friday! So far great service just got to see how unit performs in hot weather.
Customer Review
September 2023
Jared, Lucas and Luke were all very professional, friendly and courteous. We were very impressed with the communication and all were on time for scheduled appointments. They were all just really easy to deal with, we'd definitely recommend Coldflow.
Customer Review
December 2023
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