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What is Add On Cooling?

How does it work?

Add On Cooling is when a cooling unit is added to your existing or newly purchased gas ducted heating system. The existing heating unit and the ducting must be cooling compatible (please note that most existing gas heating systems will not be compatible).

Often a new heater and new ducting will be required for combined gas heating with a refrigerated add-on cooling system. Once installed however, it means both heating and cooling will be distributed through the same vents.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Ducted Heating and Evaporative Cooling

How does it work?

How Does Add On Cooling Work?

Add On Cooling as the name suggests is an extension / add on that is installed onto or with a Gas Ducted Heating system. It works by installing a condensing unit outside your home either on the roof or the side of your house.

A series of pipes then connects the condensing unit to a coil that is connected to the Gas Ducted Heating unit and your duct work. The coil then distributes warm and cool air, throughout your home depending on which system you decide to use.

Depending on the Add On Cooling unit installed will determine whether you will have 2 or 1 controllers used to operate the heating and cooling of your home.

Add on cooling how it works
How addon cooling works

Why choose Add On Cooling

Benefits of Add-on Cooling

Since gas ducted heating is Melbourne’s top choice in terms of heating options, and users of this system would also like to enjoy cooling options for the summer, an add-on cooler is the perfect solution to this problem.

As gas ducted heating is only applicable for your heating needs, an add on cooling system allows for your home to be both cooled and heated without the extra cost of having another duct system in your house (they use the same duct system).

Benefits of Add-on Cooling

One Duct System - The add-on cooling system is designed to use the same duct and grilles system as the heater which saves a lot of money and time installing the system.

Zoning - Most gas ducted heating manufacturers produce systems that are capable of sustaining different temperatures in different rooms/areas of the house. This gives different users of the same house the benefit of having the a temperature to their liking. A Braemar heater is able to zone up to four different temperatures at once.

Add-on Now or Later - You have the choice to install the add-on cooler with your heater purchase or add it on whenever you feel like having it.

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